What the hell is peace silk?

Allow me to explain.

Let's start with silk. Silk is a protein-based material woven with fibers from a silk worm chrysalis (yes, an actual little bug cocoon that produces long, shiny thread-like fibers). Silk has been a sought after material for over 4000 years, starting in China as an exotic fabric exclusive to royalty and now in production all over the world. Unfortunately, like many mass produced things, it is normal for silk to be made with poor quality, with little to no regard for the environment, and with unethical practices to reduce costs and make the most profit. Most silk worm chrysalises are disposed(killed) after production. If your'e thinking, "who cares, it's just a bug," well then maybe our morals don't match but just look up "silk worm moth" and tell me they aren't cute.

So how do you get around supporting these practices? That's where organic peace silk comes in. It's made without the use of harmful chemicals to grow the food for the silk worms and process the material. And, you guessed it, the silk worms are kept save until they mature into the cute, fuzzy moths they are meant to be and then are set free to live their full life cycle. The result is an ethical, cruelty-free, and sustainable fabric still fit for royalty.