2023 Recap- Growth, Sustainability, Community

FosterPlease is all about helping purposeful women love what they wear. The goal is to continue to provide sexy and sustainable pieces that give back to the earth and the community. Here’s a recap of what FosterPlease has done this year and new goals for next year..

GROWTH A new collection made ethically and sustainably in Bali. I started working with a production house at the beginning of the year. In August I took a trip to visit them and source fabric. I was able to put a face to the individuals who would be making the clothes I put my soul into designing and I couldn’t be more proud now that it’s them. New fabrics, an exclusive print, and new styles are featured in the Resort 2024 collection that came out this year.




SUSTAINABILITY has been a top priority during designing, fabric sourcing, production, and shipping. This year, I used only plant-based (non-synthetic) materials, shipped without single-use plastics, and carefully chose dye and printing houses to reduce environmental impact. Along with shipping orders in eco-packaging, FosterPlease offset each purchase’s carbon impact from shipping by donating to organizations that reduce carbon emissions. While I take pride in what FosterPlease has done this year, I know we are far from where we can be.

Some green goals for next year are to…

  1. Be 100% Carbon Neutral or Positive (emissions from mills, production, supply chain, shipping)
  2. Ensure singe-use-plastic-free shipping from suppliers 
  3. Work with more certified organic and FSC-certified (fibers grown sustainably) fabrics
  4. Promote longer-lasting garment lifecycle by designing timeless styles, using quality materials, and ensuring quality control in production houses




COMMUNITY In August of this year, a storm brought extreme winds during dry conditions, sparking fires that took Lahaina town and parts of Kula. People lost their houses, their businesses, their livelihood, their lives. Through all the pain, our community rose up for each other to give, show compassion, and aloha during the darkest times of our island. It’s a long journey to heal and rebuild that’s not over yet. Along with hands-on help, I was able to help raise around $45,000 for the community through fund-raising projects/events and a percentage of FosterPlease’s proceeds. Growing up on Maui taught me the importance of your people, the land, and the ocean. I’m grateful to be able to use FosterPlease to help raise more funds for Maui and communities who need it for years to come.

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